The ESP license gives you technological independence, with all the application code, representing 1 MB of C source files, 30 modules and 25,000 lines of code, including: mailing list manager, smtp / smtps relay, server http / https, MTA with deliverability management, email forge (with AMP support), DKIM signature ...

You can thus carry out the integration as close as possible to your production chain, customize the application, create your own builts and deploy them on as many servers as you wish.

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Rafale's extreme compactness, 1 executable file <1MB and a 'text' configuration file, makes it particularly easy to install and light to deploy.

As a stand-alone program, Rafale does not strictly depend on any third-party component, and does not register in the Registry, which makes it very easily portable from one server to another.

The option of automatic remote update of the definitions of the deliverability rules by domain, on subscription, ensures a high level of service quality, without human intervention.



Rafale allows you to freely route your acquisition campaigns, without entrusting your files to a service provider, for a gross CPM cost of less than a cent.

Rafale also provides precise SMTP return codes, which are used to assess the quality of email lists.

The native integration of tracking in the solution allows you to measure the performance of your campaigns in real time, and to identify active addresses.

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Rafale is natively multi-user, and allows the sharing of IPs and senders resources on the same server: each account has its own parameters and access rights, as well as logs and statistics, isolated from other accounts.

The IPs of the same server, as well as the senders, can be shared, dedicated or mixed. Each user has specific quotas and sending credits, for mailing lists and campaigns as well as for transactional messages.